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dr-dewitt-copy Dr.DeWitt Sr. President

Reverend Dr. Derrick Carl DeWitt Sr.  currently serves as the Senior Pastor of First Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland.  He is also the Chief Finance Officer for the Maryland Baptist Aged Home, the nation’s oldest African American owned nursing and rehabilitation facility.  Rev DeWitt also serves as President of the board of directors of Maryland Baptist Aged Home Development Cooperation, and President board of directors Intersection of Change Incorporated, and President of the Board of Clergy United for the Transformation of Sandtown-Winchester (CUTS).  He also serves on the boards of Food and Faith at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Rev. DeWitt is retired Military Officer with over Thirty years of combined military, federal government and private sector and non-profit Business Management experience.  Twenty years’ experience as executive level decision maker accountable for setting priorities, planning, and meeting goals.  Rev. DeWitt is a graduate of Baltimore City College, and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Averett University, and holds Masters and Doctor of Arts Degree in Theology and Biblical Counseling from Freelandia Bible College and Seminary. Pastor DeWitt was licensed to preach in 1989 and ordained in 1991.  In 2002 Pastor DeWitt being led by the Spirit, being guided through the study and mediation of his sword and standing on the premises of Isaiah 61:1-4, with 14 members by his side, he founded the Garment of Praise Baptist Church in Clinton, Maryland. The church held its first service on Easter Sunday. In June 2007, Pastor DeWitt was asked to return to his native home, Baltimore to pastor First Mount Calvary Baptist Church.  With much prayer, he agreed to return to this church where he spent much of his childhood with his family. In October 2007, he was officially elected as the fourth pastor of the historic First Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Baltimore Maryland.   In 2014 Pastor DeWitt was inducted into The College of Ministers and Laity at Morehouse College, in Atlanta, Georgia. Rev.  DeWitt possesses extraordinary compassion and vision when it comes to outreach ministry.  His humanitarian efforts have made a huge impact both in Baltimore, and in Africa where he and his wife supports orphanages in Kenya and Uganda.  His Church operates model food programs, and weekly soup kitchen, free summer camp for youth, weekly addiction ministry, affordable housing and much more.  Rev DeWitt is credited with helping struggling businesses and churches become financially solvent and has become a noted expert in business finance strategies and practices. Rev. DeWitt is a loving husband to Lady Cassandra DeWitt and a devoted father of four wonderful children, Breona, Derrick II, Everardo and Anointe’.

  Elder C.W. Harris Vice President

Elder C.W. Harris is an African-American spiritual leader who focuses on community development in Baltimore, MD.  He pastors Newborn Community of Faith Church and is a life-long resident of the Sandtown-Winchester community located in West Baltimore where he has pioneered the way to a better community, a better society.  One of his passions in life is to serve the people in his community and surrounding communities with resources and programs to enhance its development.  Like Dr. Martin Luther King, Elder Harris has sought to link up with others in the fight to eradicate poverty by providing decent and affordable housing, quality education, healthcare for all, jobs for the unemployed, and the arts.  Sandtown knows Elder Harris in multiple capacities but first and foremost as a life-long resident familiar with the struggles of the community.  As a boy he saw Sandtown while it was independent and thriving.  However beginning in the late 1960’s he witnessed first hand the tragic decline of his neighborhood as problems of drugs, crime, unemployment, substandard education, depopulation, and decaying housing became epidemics. The work that Elder Harris has done and is doing is a sign of concern that he has for his fellow residents.  Like a mother, his job is never done.  He won’t stop standing up for what’s right and just in his community.  Wherever he is needed, Elder Harris steps up to the plate, rolls up his sleeves up and gets the job done.  Elder Harris has created and sustained his leadership by building invaluable relationships with community residents, organizations, and churches, while also developing relationships with outside foundations and supporters.  His work as a spiritual leader is a continuation of the historical role that the African-American church has played in fighting for social justice.  His work extends over racial and economic lines and demonstrates the need for and potential of further church-led organizations and non-profits

dr-stokes-clergy-pic Dr. Al Stokes Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Stokes has been a member of the Men of Sandtown for over 15 years. I remember the days of my youth where I visualizing these distinguished men who were so very well respected and had such a positive impact on everyone, not only in the community but everywhere. We always referred to them as men of Distinction.  So in every Board meeting we preference each member with “the distinguished man” and then his name is how we address one another.  I was appointed by the Board of Director to be President of the MOS 3 years ago, we have been successful in being established and now recognized as 501©3 nonprofit organization. We have been successful in the renovation of the MOS Clubhouse. We believe in our mission and vision for Sandtown, now we need the continued guidance from Almighty God to see it through.


father-copy  Rev. Ray P. Bomberger Chief Financial Officer

Rev. Ray P. Bomberger:  I am a Catholic priest and a member of a community of priests, the Josephites, dedicated to St. Joseph.  I am pastor of St. Peter Claver and St. Pius V Church in Baltimore.  I have served as pastor in Houston and Beaumont, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana, for  eight years in each place.  Previous to that I was on the seminary staff at St. Joseph Seminary in D.C.  Born and raised in Stowe, PA.

picElder Ameila F. Harris Secretary

billRev. Bill Hemby Director of Communications

linkend-picWanda Ricks Media Director